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What advice do you have for connecting with other creators/photographers/models/clients, especially now that you've been traveling and reaching wider markets and cities.

Attend a meetup/creative socail gathering It's scary at first for everyone, but it's worth it I promise! Make the push to put yourself out there. I have social anxiety, and it's scary every time but it does get easier. Still not ready message some local photographers/models ask to get coffee or ask to tag along on there next shoot/plan a shoot together.

I think we're all longing for connection. It might not happen right away, but finding someone that pushes you and encourages you in your work that gets you shooting is only going to help! We're all in this journey together, and it's more fun with others.

I know i'll find a meet up happening in another city, and i'll find it as an excuse to fly somewhere new! I've made the best of friends and connections this way. Just have to put yourself out there.

Using local hashtags on your social media is also a great way to get out there and for others to find you! I can't tell you how many people have found me just because I have "Kansas City Photographer" in my bio.

If you haven't already we have a Sony Alpha Female FB group where we post, encourage each other, and have started monthly meet ups! Would love for you to join!

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